5K Saturday

27 Oct

As the week rapidly unwinds, I’m getting nervous about my second 5K race on this Saturday. I’m doing the YMCA Halloween Creepy Crawl. After my foot surgery, my doctor told me I’d never run again. I was determined to prove him wrong. It took a few years, but I ran my first 5K in September, the Race for the Cure. I’m definitely hooked on running now.

I’ve been training really hard the last month and a half to break my time. I was ecstatic I finished/ran my first 5K, but disappointed with my 40:06 time. I had wanted to be under 40 minutes so badly. So I’ve been doing quarter mile speed intervals at 7.0mph to try and break it. I’m hoping to get in somewhere between 35 – 37 minutes. Truthfully, if I just got under 40, I’d be happy.

I want to start training for the 2011 Denver Rock & Roll Marathon in January. I’m excited, but I think the mental part is going to be the hardest part of the whole thing.

Any runners out there? Tips/advice?

One Response to “5K Saturday”

  1. bob dolan October 27, 2010 at 5:29 PM #

    Way to go…I love this blog. The race will be a success this Saturday….I read it this morning in the entrails of an owl….thank you, Jesus!

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