Ah, True Motivation

27 Oct

I work for a super awesome company that lets you work out 3 times a week on company time, using the company gym and trainers (I work for an athletic association). Normally I really look forward to my workouts. I feel great afterwards, it’s fabulous to get away from sitting all day and I love the people in my gym at work.

I’ve been battling a cold since last weekend. Finding workout motivation this week has been really hard. Granted, you’re not supposed to work out when you’re sick, but I need to keep a foot in the door as my 5K is this coming Saturday. I’m just trying to do light cross training (i.e. the exercise bike) and strength training so I’m not whipped on Saturday.

I had NO motivation today. My eyes were burning, I was exhausted, my nose was dripping, it was not a good day. Alas, the final the push that made me go today: I wore really uncomfortable (but super cute) high heels to work today. I knew that if I went and worked out, I could wear my sneakers the last hour of the day instead of my heels. Down to the gym I went. 🙂

The moral of the story? No matter how fit you are and how much you love working out, we all have off days and sometimes we really, really need to dig deep for a reason to hit the gym.

I can say though that I am really glad I went, because honestly, have you ever heard someone say “I wish I hadn’t gone to the gym.” I didn’t think so.

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