Boys Vs. Girls

3 Nov

I like to think of myself as tough especially since I work out and lift weights. I sometimes even think I’m really, really tough, hence my “pink ninja” moniker. I also work for a company that specializes in strength and conditioning so I’ve been lucky enough to learn proper weightlifting form and techniques. Therefore, my latest pet peeve is when magazines geared towards health and fitness for women say weightlifting is for guys and put girly, low key workout moves in the magazines.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an avid reader of Shape, Self, and Fitness. I think they are really great magazines that offer wonderful nutrition and exercise advice. However, in a recent article in Self, it was called “how to lose weight like a guy.” It had some helpful tips, but then the weightlifting workout section was, in my opinion, really condescending to women. I thought it acted like women couldn’t be bothered to do the real exercises that were pictured, so they renamed them to something dainty and girly and pointed out specific targeted muscle groups to entice us to do them.

There are tons of strong female athletes who work out in my company’s gym. They do all the same exercises as the men and call them by their real names. Self calls the barbell shoulder press the “shoulder shaper.” Instead of the Romanian Dead Lift, it’s called the “lean leg lift.” I found it offensive that the editors assumed that women don’t do these moves on a regular basis, that we have to “borrow from the guys.” They typically only show exercises in the magazine involving simple products like low weight medicine balls, resistance bands and 5 lb dumbbells.

I think we should get more credit for what we’re capable of. For example, my regular weightlifting workout includes barbell squats, tricep dips, bicep curls, shoulder press, chest press, pitcher squats, lunges and pull-ups. I work out alongside members of the SWAT team, military special forces and collegiate athletes. I can keep up just fine. All women can with practice and knowing the proper form and technique.

So, ladies’ magazines, please don’t patronize us with these girly, wimpy moves and renaming basic weightlifting exercises. Treat us equally, please.

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