Mom Sues McDonald’s Over Happy Meals

16 Dec

ABC News: Mom Sues McDonald\’s Over Happy Meals

Okay, so America is known as a lawsuit happy country, but the story linked above boggled my mind. A mother is suing McDonald’s for advertising Happy Meals and promoting the giveaway toys. She says McDonald’s is manipulating her children with their advertising (well, duh, doesn’t all advertising do that to all age groups?) and thereby forcing her to buy her kids Happy Meals instead of eating what she makes for them. Seriously.

I honestly cannot believe this lawsuit. I think we can all agree that whether we love it or hate it, McDonald’s doesn’t serve the healthiest food on the planet, but sometimes it’s fun to have a treat. I also think we can all agree that it is a parent’s responsibility to be a parent. The parent is in control of the child to say no. It is not McDonald’s fault that this mother gives into her kids’ begging for a Happy Meal. It is her fault for not staying firm. Yet, she’s suing them more or less saying her kids are going to be unhealthy and fat because they advertise free toys in their meals that makes her kids want to eat there. Great logic.

As a good parent, she should be promoting healthy meals and stay firm on her “no” answer when the kids constantly beg for a Happy Meal. However, a Happy Meal once in a while never hurt anyone. Granted in recent years, fast food has become  a way of life for many families where it’s consumed several times a week on a regular basis, but one or two Happy Meals a month is a nice treat and a part of childhood frankly.

Also, McDonald’s has listened to the health experts out there on childhood obesity and is now offering Happy Meals that include apple slices and milk instead of French fries and a soda. That is a huge improvement and an option parents have when taking their kids to the Golden Arches.

Maybe this parent should spend more time educating her children on proper nutrition and explaining to them that McDonald’s is a rare treat rather than suing them. Own up and take responsibility for your own health—don’t blame it on evil corporate advertising.

3 Responses to “Mom Sues McDonald’s Over Happy Meals”

  1. blackhuff December 16, 2010 at 11:28 PM #

    I just wish that the McDonalds franchise here in South Africa, also have the healthier options to choose from. But they don’t.

  2. thegeeman December 19, 2010 at 3:07 PM #

    McDonalds is huge in Brasil. It is not the food nazi’s business what you eat. Everyone who ate peas in 1860 is dead today.

  3. laurapayette December 20, 2010 at 9:24 AM #

    Yes, it seems personal responsibility and accountability are out the window these days. If only such frivolous lawsuits wouldn’t be taken on…but they are, and sometimes these people even win. I used to work in advertising; I left in part because I could no longer stomach the idea that I was helping promote stuff people didn’t necessarily need. Of course, that’s how the world works, and ads aren’t going away. Everything in life is a choice — you choose to go to McDonald’s or not; sure things like ads and kids influence your decisions, but ultimately you choose to buy the Happy Meals or not. No one makes you do it.

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