Marathon Training, Day 2

4 Jan

Yesterday was day 2 of marathon training. I went to the YMCA indoor track. Unfortunately since it was so deep inside the building, I couldn’t get bars on my iPhone, which meant the GPS tracker on my RunKeeper app wouldn’t work. It said I did 0.18 miles in 43:03. I’m slow, but not that slow! I think given that my pace is usually around 12:00 – 12:30, I’m calculating I did about 3.5 miles yesterday in 43:03.

It was a really good run yesterday. I didn’t struggle, I had good energy. I like the indoor track since it’s inside, but it’s real running as opposed to the treadmill. I already started practicing for my final sprint when I’m dying at mile 26. I turn on my favorite running song, “Jump (For Your Love” by the Pointer Sisters, and I took off around the track at top speed my last minute of my workout. It felt great. I could envision myself crossing the finish line with arms held high and a smile through tears.

That’s the image I have to keep in my head during the upcoming months. This is going to be such a grueling, awful undertaking, I really must keep my eye on the prize. This month’s issue of Runner’s World had some good mantras to recite when you’re digging deep for energy. I’ve decided mine is going to be “I run because I can.” Since my doctor told me I couldn’t, I think it’s appropriate.

Today I do day 3, which is a short running day (20 – 30 minutes) plus cross training with weights.

As a side note, check out the documentary “Spirit of the Marathon.” It’s available as both an instant download and disc rental from Netflix. I watched it Sunday night. It’s about the Chicago marathon. It features 2 elite runners and 6 regular runners, several who are first timers. It’s extremely well done and inspiring. Brought me to tears on several occasions. Worth seeing!

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