Marathon Training, Day 4

6 Jan

Today was a cross-train day, so no running at all. I thought it’d be an easier day because of that. My coach, unfortunately, proved me wrong. He wrote me a truly brutal lower body strength training program. One day a week, I’ll do this program and another day a week I’ll do a light run (20 – 30 min) with 30 minutes of upper body strength training. So, I’ll be training 5 days a week, but running only 4. Don’t want to have an overuse injury!

So today I did the following workout:

3 x 5 sets each of: box jumps, single leg squats with bench (squat with one leg out in front of you to where you sit on the weight bench and then get back up—no hands!!!), dumbbell jumps, scissor squats, dumbbell split squats, plate arcs (start squatting down by your feet with a weight plate, stand up, moving the weight plate across your body and squatting down on the other side), Romanian Deadlifts, and Bodyweight single leg Romanian deadlifts.

I cannot feel my legs! Tomorrow is another rest day followed by a longer run on Saturday and my first big, long run on Sunday (6 – 7 miles).


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