Has the Resolution Stuck?

20 Jan

We are about 3 weeks into the New Year, and this is the time when typically gyms start emptying out of their excess people, aka the “Resolution People.” Like clockwork, my local Y is packed the first 3 weeks of January and then it evens out to just the regulars.

It’s the same every year, I wonder what makes people give up at exactly the same time every year? What’s magical about 3 weeks? At any rate, I am curious as to how many of you who made resolutions to lose weight/exercise are still sticking with it?

It’s a hard, long commitment and most people, sadly, cannot do it. It took me 7 years of being fat to finally get the memo and stay committed. Here I am now training for a marathon and have been consistent with diet and exercise for 3 years, but I’ve found myself struggling the past few weeks. I think it’s the weather (I’m wondering if I have Seasonal Affective Disorder as I get down in the dumps during the winter) and the fact I’ve been really busy. I took on 2 freelance jobs so my workouts have been spotty the past 3 weeks. The jobs just ended yesterday, so I know I’ll be back on track, but it has been really hard even with my drive and spirit.

If you are struggling right now, push through this wall. You can get past this hard spot. It will probably take another month or so before exercising regularly feels like a normal part of your routine, but it’s worth the wait and the effort. Eventually you start to crave exercise and feel out of sorts if you miss workouts. Healthy food honestly starts to taste better than junk. I am seriously telling the truth.

Push through and don’t be among the “Resolution People” who crowd the gym and leave 3 weeks later. Make this your lifestyle change and commitment. Be the rare success story—You can do it!

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