The Worst Run Ever: Marathon Training, Day 15

2 Feb

We all have off days in our workouts. It’s normal. Sometimes your body just has had enough, and you can’t quite find your groove that day. No biggie.

Monday, I had the worst run I think I’ve ever had since I started running in August. It was beyond an “off” day. It was so bad. My legs were like Jell-O, I had no stamina and I even tripped on the treadmill. I had run 5 miles on Sunday, so I think my body was telling me to take a rest day.

Normally I would have taken a rest day after such a long run, but I’m going out of town this weekend, so I’m trying to squeeze stuff in. This was not a good idea. I did a 15 minute mile, which is painfully slow even for me. I couldn’t run my normal 4 minutes / walk 1 minute. Instead I was running only 2 minutes. I tripped, but thankfully didn’t fall. It was bad all around.

I went over to the elliptical, but no real success there either. I did 10 minutes for about .75 miles. It was painful and off too. The only thing that was working for me that day was my strength training. I did a lot of upper body weights.

I took yesterday off, and I’m getting back on the proverbial horse today. I’m motivated and ready. I have new running shoes, and I’m anxious to start breaking them in. Today will be a good run!

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