Overcoming Obstacles

21 Feb

Yesterday, I saw the film “The King’s Speech” about King George VI trying to overcome his stutter. It was one of the most moving and well done films I’ve seen in a long time. The acting was brilliantly done, and it was incredibly powerful to see someone overcome something so debilitating and to rise to such greatness. His bravery and courage in overcoming his stutter helped him lead his nation through World War II to victory. Much of Britain’s success in the war and morale of the people was credited to King George’s powerful speeches.

I think anyone who is struggling with a personal demon whether it’s weight, a learning disability or a disease or injury should see this movie. It sends such an incredible message and can fill you with such hope.

Although I realize that my foot injury and struggle with weight do not compare in scale with what the king went through, for me personally it was just as big of a struggle to overcome. I know that I didn’t have to face a public life and lead the country through a war, but for me, it was a horrible, daily battle that I fought very hard to overcome.

This film shows that courage and perseverance can help you overcome anything. No matter if you’re a lowly commoner or someone of power, everyone has personal battles and everyone can overcome it. This unites us together and transcends class or wealth.

If you’re struggling with weight, make today the day you start to make a change. Don’t eat a second helping at dinner tonight. It’s a small change, but it will add up over time. If you can’t get motivated to hit the gym, make yourself take a 15 – 20 minute walk today. Then do it again tomorrow. Small steps toward getting active help you stay consistent. If you have an injury, declare today that it will not dictate your life.

Definitely go and see The King’s Speech. Also if you want some fabulous inspirational reading, check out “Going Long” which is edited by David Willey. It is a compilation of the best stories from Runner’s World magazine. I guarantee that whether you’re a runner or not, these stories will inspire you to overcome your personal obstacles and change your life.

One Response to “Overcoming Obstacles”

  1. thegeeman February 26, 2011 at 10:21 AM #

    Sound advice but check out Doctor Joel Wallach. He is very good. I hope you foot injury is better. best of luck with your training. Remember with age comes added weight. This is a sad but true fact.

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