A bad week

26 Mar

I came off a great run last Sunday only to crash and burn this week. There have been a lot of changes at work these past two weeks both with policy and with staff. My schedule is changing and it’s hard to adjust. I’ve been super stressed out and, of course, what i needed the most was exercise but instead I blew it off to veg in front of the tv and sleep.

I’ve been feeling really guilty and bummed out i got so off track this week, but at the same time I’m fine with the time off. What I do is a lifestyle not a temporary phase. We are all going to have off weeks and life will get in the way sometimes. The important thing is to pick yourself up and get back on track. One bad week in a year of 52 weeks is nothing.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to do 9 miles. I may or may not make it. I have a ton of housework that’s been neglected for the past month to catch up on. Hopefully I can get it in, but if not I’m not going to feel guilty. Sometimes time for yourself is just as valuable as exercise. Sometimes curling up in your favorite jammies is just as beneficial as an hour in your favorite gym shorts.

Embrace the off weeks, but don’t let them last more than one. Get back on track feeling recharged and continue the run.

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