7 Popular Diets Ranked

10 May

7 Popular Diets Ranked by Consumer Reports

Popular diet company Jenny Craig is the number one favorite according to Consumer Reports. It was rated the highest by the magazine in terms of their program as well as popularity among consumers. Slim Fast was second and Weight Watchers was third.

I can understand why Jenny Craig would be the top program in that you don’t really have to think while you’re on the diet. It’s very simple, convenient since all the food is delivered to you and portioned appropriately. All you have to do is stick with the meal plan and add some exercise. Weight Watchers requires counting points and measuring your food, which is harder to do especially if you’re busy with a job and family.

However, I think Weight Watchers prepares you for long term success. You can’t go the remainder of your life eating instant dinners from Jenny Craig. WW teaches you how to measure food, what a correct portion is and how to keep track of it. I did the same thing with my weight loss, I just counted calories instead of points.

Both diets seemed balanced in that you’re not depriving yourself of a major food group like you do with Atkins. I just think the instant food of Jenny Craig is gross and can’t go for the long term both based on taste and cost. WW devotees seem to be able to make a longer commitment because it’s more parallel to their lifestyle.

The most important thing, regardless of the article, is to pick something that is balanced and works f

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