Scientists Discover Obesity Gene

19 May

ABC News: Scientists Discover Obesity Gene

This seems like a big discovery yet it was a buried story on the ABC News website. I guess when the Terminator has had illegitimate kids, that’s more important that finding a piece of the obesity puzzle that costs Americans $147 billion a year. But I think this could really lead somewhere. Like the article says, the gene isn’t everything. You still have control over your size with how you eat and how active you are, but discovering this gene and learning how it works may answer questions as to why some people are naturally skinny and why others diet endlessly but are always overweight. I’m curious to see in the next 10 years what can be developed to help people who have this gene lose weight and keep it off.

Do you think scientists will be able to discover a way to help people lose weight who have this gene or will it become just another excuse for people to use as a reason not to lose weight, i.e. I have the gene, I’m doomed, might as well eat a Big Mac. I think it’s going to help people tremendously, but I’m interested in your opinions!

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