Training Run: 15 Miles

22 May

So I learned a valuable lesson yesterday on my 15 mile training run. Actually I learned two lessons. First, it is not wise to do an even longer run the weekend following a big race. Trying to punch out 15 miles is never easy, but it was so much worse yesterday given that I had just pushed myself hard the weekend before for my half marathon. The second lesson is that if you hit pause on your Garmin for some reason, you cannot move before you restart it or your total distance will get screwed up.

I bribed a coworker with the promise of lunch if she would accompany me on the training run yesterday. She has done several half marathons, but hasn’t run over a 5K in the last several months. Nevertheless she agreed to come with me given that I’m A. a slow runner and B. I do the Galloway run/walk method. We set out on a beautiful day, though it started to get a little too warm. It was all uphill the first half with elevation gains of 400 feet. What was sad is that I’ve been training for 5 months, and my friend could go faster than me. I blamed it on my half marathon last weekend. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

We made it to the half-way point, which is a bike shop on the trail. The shop is great. They let runners and cyclists come in and use their restrooms and get free water to reload. Unfortunately, we took advantage of the free water and guzzled it since it was so hot outside. I also made some soggy wet paper towels in the bathroom and squeezed them onto my hot head to cool off. We started back down the trail and my poor friend started to vomit. In all her years of running she had never puked, which is odd since most runners do, but she was puking up all the water she had guzzled. I got a horrific side stitch that literally lasted for miles and crippled me to a walking pace on many occasion during those miles.

It was a disaster overall. A very bad training run. But I am happy to say that starting to foam roll this week as a form of self massage really helped my IT band and adductor area. It was good we finished, and technically we came up just a bit short under the 15 miles, coming in at 14.75, but I’m in favor of rounding up since the day involved high heat, vomiting and side stitches. We felt great that we had accomplished the difficult run and were even happier to reward ourselves at a local burger joint with a cheeseburger, fries and shakes.

Bad training runs are bound to happen, especially with factors like a race the weekend before, heat and making dumb decisions regarding water/food. Bottom line, it is always better to finish and have a bad run then not to attempt it at all. Thankfully, next week is an “off week” of 7 miles.

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