Fitness Myths Debunked

24 May

Shape Magazine: Fitness Myths Debunked

This is a great little slideshow debunking some of the most common fitness myths out there. My favorite one addressed is the abs myth. Doing crunches will not give you six-pack abs unless you lose the fat on top. Unfortunately you cannot target where you lose weight and any product that says you can is lying. But if you get to a generally healthy weight, you will most likely see some results from your crunches. Hwever, even if you don’t see perfect abs, it’s still important to exercise that area to give you a strong core. A strong core helps to prevent injuries and gives you better posture.

Also, ladies, do not be afraid to strength train. You will not end up looking like a freakish man-like body builder. You will lose more weight by building muscle and look fabulously toned in strappy dresses though.

Check out the other myths that are debunked and be sure to change up your training routine if you have followed any of the myths.

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