Marathon Training: Days 56 – 63

3 Jun

So I’m behind on posting my training, oops!

Day 56: 1.75 mile walk (right after Colfax Half Marathon) in 30 minutes, upper body weights
Day 57: 3.2 miles rowing machine (part of post half marathon recovery) 30 minutes
Day 58: Speed Training, 1.75 miles, 22:30
Day 59: Santa Fe Trail, 15 miles, 3:40:00
Day 60: Greenway Trail, 6 miles, 1:31:03
Day 61: Upper and Lower Body Strength Training
Day 62: Speed Training, 1.65 miles in 20 min, plus upper body weights
Day 63: Speed Training, 1.5 miles, in 18 min, plus lower body weights

2 Responses to “Marathon Training: Days 56 – 63”

  1. laurapayette June 3, 2011 at 8:10 PM #

    You did a 15-mile run followed immediately by a 6-mile run?! That’s the equivalent of having done your longest pre-marathon training run! You’re going to rock the marathon considering it’s still months away. Just be careful you don’t over train.

    • Noel D. June 4, 2011 at 6:33 AM #

      Oh I wish that were the case! When I list my training days, they are not all consecutive. The above is over a span of 2.5 weeks. In fact I missed a week of training between the 15 mile run and 6 mile run due to chaos at work. So tried to get back on track this week and did pretty well. Doing another short run this weekend of 6 miles and then going to try to squeeze in 17 miles next week before I go on vacation for 3 weeks.

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