Hitting the Mental Wall

9 Jun

I really enjoy running. I really, truly do. I am grateful I can even do it given my foot injury and doctor’s prediction. But, right now, I have hit a mental wall. I don’t want to run. At least I don’t want to run over 5 or 6 miles. I am fried. I have been training since January, and I want a break from running. I want my time and my life back on Sundays instead of running for 3 plus hours and crashing the rest of the day, incapable of doing anything else.

I’ve read online in running forums and such that this is pretty normal. The distance and time commitment do start to get to you at some point. It doesn’t mean that I’m not dedicated, and it doesn’t mean that I will not continue on until I complete my full marathon. It just means that right now I am really tired of running.

I am going on vacation on Sunday for 15 days, and I think that is the exact break I need. Not to say that I won’t be running on vacation, I’m one of those freaky people who gets up early and hits the cruise ship gym before the day of fun and food starts. However, I’ll only be running 3 or 4 miles, not 13 – 17. I can focus on my speed work and regaining my enjoyment of this great sport. I can relax and recharge. I think when I get back, I’ll be ready to run the monster distances again.

I talked to a trainer at work, who has run marathons, and she said I could take as much as a month off from long distances, and still be fine to complete my training for October. I am not going to take a month off, but two weeks or so will be just what I need. I love running, I just want a break.

Anyone else who has trained for a long distance race ever go through this?


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