To Salt or Not to Salt

6 Jul

ABC News: Is Salt Really Bad For You?

The above article discusses a new study that says perhaps salt isn’t as damaging to your health as one thinks. For years we’ve been told if we decrease our salt intake it will help us live longer. The article points out that while salt does lower blood pressure, it doesn’t have any direct links to living longer or not dying from a heart attack. However, it does say that high blood pressure is most commonly associated with stroke and that by lowering your blood pressure, you do decrease your risk for having one. It was just inconclusive on cardiovascular disease.

I personally don’t use salt on anything about 99% of the time. Sometimes I use a dash of kosher rock salt on a steak that I’m marinating to help tenderize it, but other than that, I never add it to my food. I don’t like the taste of overly salted foods (i.e. foods you get in a restaurant) nor do I like the water retention that comes with it and bloats out my body. I feel better not using it. Strokes run in my family on my father’s side, so I do need to keep that in mind.

There are so many other seasonings out there that add wonderful flavor to food that have great health benefits and no health risks. Add garlic instead. It promotes a health immune system, good blood circulation and a healthy heart. Basil is good for your tummy and helps boost immunity. Onions inhibit tumor growth, are a great source of vitamin C and also boost the immune system.

While the article wants to conduct further studies on whether or not salt will cause a heart attack, it is known that too much of it isn’t good for you. If you have high blood pressure or a family history of stroke, try some of the above seasonings instead.

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