There She Is, Miss America

8 Jul

Miss South Carolina\'s 110lb Weight Loss

There was a great article on ABC News about the newest Miss South Carolina. She had battled obesity since she was 10 years old, and finally was able to lose over 110 pounds, keep it off and win the state title which will send her to the Miss America pageant. I am not into pageants. Never was into the whole Miss America thing at all, but I found this story really inspiring.

I really loved how she tells everyone her weight loss story and is using it to help people rather than trying to pretend she was always like that. For the first time, I’m really rooting for someone for Miss America. She had had success and failure with Atkins and other fad diets, but it took getting her nutrition on track and exercise to lose the weight and maintain. I had gone through similar issues with Atkins and fad diets only to regain the weight and then some. I think it’s fabulous she’s getting the right message out there and isn’t afraid of her past.

She has started a Facebook page to promote healthy eating and exercise habits. Check it out: Bree Boyce\'s Facebook Page

If you’re struggling with your weight or how to start losing weight, check out her site and her story. Know that you can do it too with small steps towards big change!

2 Responses to “There She Is, Miss America”

  1. Hannah July 10, 2011 at 4:22 AM #

    Just to show you how up-to-date I am about the whole pageant thing–the entire time whilst reading this article I was completely confused because I didn’t know there was a Miss USA AND a Miss America pageant.

    I think this contestant will achieve her goals with or without the title! I just read a disturbing AP article about how ALL states have an obesity rate of over 30%, and in 1995 the state with lowest obesity rate (CO) would have been the highest with 19.8% obesity! I hope that Congress can get behind the measures to control advertising of high calorie snacks and drinks to children. I think it would probably help!

  2. Noel D. July 10, 2011 at 8:11 AM #

    LOL I didn’t know there was Miss USA and Miss America either. I was never really the pageant type, my hair was way too small. 🙂 🙂

    That is very interesting about the obesity rate! I have to say I do notice when I leave Colorado that people are generally larger overall, isn’t that sad? Something really does need to be done.

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