A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Produce Section

18 Aug

I went on vacation in June and indulged greatly in culinary delights. I was on a cruise through Italy, Greece, Turkey and Israel, I was not about to eat healthy. I hit the gym and running track every other day, plus walked a lot. But when you eat gelato 4 times a day, it’s bound to catch up with you. I gained 5 lbs upon my return on June 28. Today I lost the last pound, so the mission has been accomplished.

Before I went on vacation, I was able to be a bit more lax with my food than I had been during my weight loss. I could splurge a little more and was playing roulette with the scale. I kept not gaining and was getting to sneak in a few extra treats——ice cream and fries. When I returned from my trip and saw the 5 lb weight gain, I got very strict with my food again. My splurge days turned into one day a week, but I was much more meticulous and anal about what I ate and writing it down.

A funny thing happened during all this. I actually feel better than I did before. I have an ulcer as a result of the medications I had to take during my surgical recovery, so I was downing Maalox most nights after I ate. Once I switched over to a 100% fresh, whole foods diet and didn’t veer away except once a week, the Maalox went back in the medicine cabinet. Could it be all those health experts and doctors are right? Does eating healthy make you feel better? Eeek! Who knew? The even funnier thing is that I don’t really want to go back to getting extra treats and splurges even if the scale did stay the same. I feel sick when I eat out at restaurants more than once. Fast food really tastes gross now for the most part.

I really am happier and feeling better just eating my fruit for a snack, carrot sticks, yogurt. I’m doing a lot better in the gym too with my running and stamina, and it’s probably because I’m fueling my body with the proper nutrition. Whodathunkit?

Don’t get me wrong—my once a week treat of pizza or some ice cream is really good. I still enjoy it. But I can’t eat more than that now. I actually crave fresh fruit and am not really tempted by fast food as much anymore. It just doesn’t taste very good and I usually feel pretty crappy by the end of the day.

I’ll keep these habits up for the long-term now even though I’m not trying to lose anymore weight. I love feeling so good and having more success with my workouts. Try it out. It may seem tedious at first and you may madly crave French fries, but if you eat really healthy for several weeks, suddenly a bowl of cherries may be the best snack ever.

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