Book Review: 26 Miles to Boston

23 Aug

Over the weekend I finished the book “26 Miles to Boston” by Michael Connelly. It was a fantastic, inspiring read about the most difficult marathon course in the United States. The author was an ordinary guy who had the dream of running Boston. He suffered from a heart condition that prevented him from achieving his goal. He decided to have surgery to correct his condition so he could run the race in spite of protests from his family and friends that he shouldn’t risk his health or life for Boston.

The book chronicles his journey as a Boston Bandit (one who doesn’t officially register for Boston but runs it anyway) mile by mile. He goes through the history of the area where each mile is and what role it has played in the race’s history. I learned a lot of fun facts about various Boston running legends and what happens at the different miles. Connelly has a great voice that engages you throughout the book and makes what could otherwise be dry history interesting and humorous.

Being that I’m possibly the slowest runner on earth, I don’t think I will ever post a qualifying time to run Boston. Reading this book allowed me to experience it as if I were there. Connelly shares all his joys and struggles as he runs the course and you feel the immense pain he is in by the end.

Although many purists believe it is wrong for bandits to run Boston, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and sharing Connelly’s experience. I recommend it to anyone interested in running who is looking for an inspirational story to keep them going.

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One Response to “Book Review: 26 Miles to Boston”

  1. michael connelly March 20, 2012 at 7:00 PM #

    thanks for the nice review

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