Ninja Niblets: August 31, 2011

31 Aug

A few niblets to get you going throughout the day.

Current Workout Music Obsessions
Middle Finger by Cobra Starship
Sing by My Chemical Romance

Healthier Fast Food Lunch: Panera
When going out to eat, choose healthy options. Most restaurant chains have their nutrition information online.

If you’re going to Panera, try the “pick two” lunch option and order a soup and half sandwich of:
• Low Fat Chicken Noodle Soup
Calories: 80 Fat: 1g

• Half Smokehouse Turkey Hot Panini
Calories: 340 Fat: 13g
*If you order the sandwich without bacon, you shave off 60 calories and 4.5g of fat.

Total Lunch Calories: 430 calories, 13.5g fat

Quick Links
Shape Magazine: 10 Best Weight Loss Tips

Fitness Magazine: 8 Guilt Free Smoothie Recipes

Runner\'s World: Reasons to Eat Honey

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