Movie Review: Ultramarathon Man

6 Sep

The evening after my 20 mile training run, I decided to watch the documentary, “Ultramarathon Man” on Netflix. It was about ultra distance runner Dean Karnazes’s quest to run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. I figured if I watched the film, suddenly running 1 marathon wouldn’t seem like such a huge ordeal.

It was an excellent, inspiring movie. Dean is a super human. He was literally being studied by scientists on his quest as no one has even come close to him in terms of endurance and ability in running. He finished almost all the marathons in about 4 hours, some were less and one was more (the Arizona Marathon where he ran in 104 degree temps).

He only ran about 5 official marathons on the days they were being held, including San Francisco (where he lives) and New York (the final marathon). On the other days, the race officials recreated the exact race route for him and he ran that with a select group of 20 – 30 people who wanted to run with him. At the start of each race, the DVD would pause so you could see the Dean’s stats for each race (pace, total time, calories burned, heart rate, etc) as well as his journal entry for the race.

It was a very well done movie, and I would highly recommend it for anyone to see. Whether you’re a runner or not, his drive, spirit and genuine down-to-earth personality will touch you for sure. It’s about overcoming obstacles and what seem like impossible challenges. Dean’s reason for running the “Endurance 50” as he called it, was to encourage people, especially kids to get out and exercise. He was on a quest to raise awareness of America’s obesity problem. What a way to do it!

The movie is on Netflix or can be purchased from

Dean Karnazes\'s Official Website

2 Responses to “Movie Review: Ultramarathon Man”

  1. jesstracey September 6, 2011 at 8:40 PM #

    I’ve been thinking about watching this movie myself. Now I think I have to! I’m in the middle of training for my first marathon and could definitely use all the inspiration I can get!

    • Noel D. September 7, 2011 at 5:57 AM #

      I’m training for my first marathon too and found it really helpful to keep me motivated. It’s really well done and gets you pumped up to go running! Good luck on your marathon. 🙂

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