Movie Review: Spirit of the Marathon

20 Sep

Although I’ve watched it several times, I wanted to take the time to review Spirit of the Marathon. It’s a fantastic documentary about the Chicago Marathon that will leave you truly inspired and ready to run.

The film focuses on an elite male and elite female runner as well as several “regular” runners who are all in the process of training for Chicago. Although the elite runners are truly impressive–they run faster than the top speed on a treadmill, the really inspirational stories are from the regular people.

There’s a young couple who’ve run dozens of races who are trying to qualify for Boston, a 60+ man who decides to run it with his daughter, a former overweight woman who’s gone through a divorce and a young woman raising money for the adoption agency she was adopted from. All the stories are unique and inspiring.

We follow them all through training and injury to watch them triumph in the Windy City. I was in tears by the end of the movie. I figured if a 60+ old man can run it, I can do it. But most importantly, it shows how universal the marathon can be. No matter what age, gender or background, anyone can train and finish a marathon.

At the end, everyone is a winner for finis ing, no matter how long it takes them. This is a great movie about overcoming obstacles and working hard. You will be inspired whether you’re a runner or not.

It’s available on Netflix and on


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