The Kool-Aid Tastes Good

24 Oct

I was recently telling a friend, who has been a runner for nearly 30 years, about my marathon experience. I told her I didn’t think I could conquer another full marathon, but was definitely going to stick to the half marathon distance. I started rattling off all the races I want to do next year. She smiled and said, “ah you drank the kool-aid and are now addicted.” I replied “yes and the kool-aid tastes good.”

Right after the race, I thought thank goodness it’s all over. I don’t have to devote my weekends to running anymore. No more scheduling my life around long runs and the recovery period. No more putting on the running clothes, driving to the path and heading out on the pavement early in the morning. It was all over. Not so fast, apparently…

Last weekend I didn’t run at all since I was giving myself a full week off from running post-race. I did some hiking and that was about it. This past week was extremely, extremely busy and stressful at work, so I would go down to the gym at my office and do some fast sprints on the treadmill to relieve some of the tension.

By the time this weekend arrived, I was antsy and ready to hit the pavement. I couldn’t believe it. I was dying to go for a run. One of the local running groups in town was organizing a 6-mile run on Saturday morning. I immediately volunteered to join them. What happened to my newfound freedom of doing whatever I wanted on a Saturday? What happened to laying in bed in the morning and relaxing with some HGTV and staying warm? The kool-aid was too powerful. I had to run.

So Saturday morning around 6:00am, I got up and put on my running clothes. I ate a quick breakfast and was out the door to meet the group. I ended up only being able to do 4 miles as my knees were still sore from the race, and I believe I need new running shoes, but the run felt so good. Even during the pain in my knees throughout the last mile, I had a smile on my face. It had only been two weeks since the marathon, but I had missed my weekend run.

I hobbled through the last mile and was shocked at how quickly the run was over given that I’m used to running for at least 3 hours now. I made a mental note to grab some new running shoes this week and was already thinking about next week’s distance. Nope my weekends aren’t mine anymore and probably never will be again. Weekends are for running.

One Response to “The Kool-Aid Tastes Good”

  1. laurapayette October 26, 2011 at 7:27 PM #

    Yes, the kool-aid is good! That’s why I signed up for last year’s innaugural Denver half-marathon while I was still pregnant. It sounded like a great idea. I’d be seven months postpartum on race day. That was plently of time to train after having a baby! Hahahahaha. Those weekends that used to be dedicated to running? They disappeared in favor of caring for a baby. But! I did the race anyway. And despite the challenges of working and raising a baby, I’ve kept running (albeit sporadically) because I love it. I didn’t make either race I signed up for this year, but I will be doing more, eventually. 🙂 So whatever life throws at you, keep at it!

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