Ninja Niblets: October 31, 2011

31 Oct

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday. Don’t OD on the candy, but definitely indulge a little bit and enjoy this fun time of year. 🙂

Just a few niblets to get you started this week.

FitSugar: Weight Loss Fact or Fiction

There are so many facts floating around out there about weight loss, it’s hard to discern what is a myth and what is a fact. What diets work, what doesn’t, what type of exercise is best, the list goes on. Read this quick post from and help get some answers.

Shape Magazine: Halloween Candy That’s Double the Trouble

Tonight is the night to indulge in your sugar cravings a bit, but it’s good to have some knowledge of what you’re consuming before you go on a serious candy binge you may regret later. Some candy really is better than others. Shape Magazine offers a quick quiz on which candy is better for you.

Self Magazine: Healthy Candy Choices

Believe it or not, some candy is actually healthy for you, in small doses. Dark chocolate is great for your heart, popcorn is full of fiber and chewing gum keeps you alert and gives you an energy boost. Check out Self Magazine’s sweet healthy options.

Self Magazine: Halloween Pets

And finally, it’s Halloween, so let’s have some fun. What can be cuter than an adorable dog in a great costume! Enjoy this fun photo slideshow from Self Magazine. Have a great Halloween!



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