Product Review: Brooks Ravenna 2

7 Nov

Training for and participating in a marathon wreaked havoc on my running shoes. Most shoes have a lifespan of 300-500 miles depending on your stride and how well the shoe is made. Mine had 375 miles on them, and my knees let me know it was time to retire them.

I had been wearing Brooks Addiction, which is their uber stability shoe made for people with very messed up feet. They provided great, great support and carried me through my first half marathon and full marathon safely. Sadly for a girlie girl like me, they only came in boring white, but they did their job.

I went to my favorite running store to get fitted for a new pair. I thought my stride had changed and was ready to get a new gait analysis. After several trial and error pairs, I settled on the Brooks Ravenna 2, which is a midrange stability shoe that came in a gorgeous turquoise color.

I have to give this shoe five out of five stars. It is a fabulous, fantastic piece of footwear. The editors at Runners World agree with me as they made it Editors Choice this year. It is much lighter in weight than my old Addiction shoes. Since I came from a super heavy shoe, this one feels light as a feather to me. It offers wonderful padding and shock absorption that makes me feel like I’m gliding effortlessly along both the pavement and treadmill.

I’m still breaking them in, but have already clocked about 10 miles on them. They’re pricey at $100, but worth every penny. I can’t wait to run my next half marathon in these fantastic new duds!

2 Responses to “Product Review: Brooks Ravenna 2”

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