Out of Limbo

20 Nov

Since the marathon, I’ve been in a state of limbo. After running double digit miles every weekend since January, I suddenly had no obligations anymore. Additionally, at exactly the same time the marathon ended, I became short-handed in my department at work and started putting in 10 hour days ever since. All the stars came into alignment for me to cool it for a while on running. I didn’t stop or anything, but I wasn’t putting in 10, 15 mile runs either.

However, without any definite goals or any immediate races, I have begun to feel stale and lazy. I’m still working out, but it’s more like why should I run 8 miles when I can run 4 and be good? Even the latest issue of Runner’s World suggested people really take a break during the holiday time from running. They suggest incorporating more cross training, shorter distances and slower paces to get recharged.

Last year I trained hard for my two 5K races and then took it easy in November and December in preparation for the fact I was starting marathon training in January. I’m already planning on doing the Colfax Half Marathon again in May and maybe a few others, but that doesn’t need to be dealt with until January either.

However, I need something to keep me interested and motivated, even if it’s a small, immediate goal. So, last night I signed up for the Stocking Shuffle 5K on December 10. It’s a small distance, but I now have the immediate goal to beat my previous PR (39:40). It’s simple and can easily be accomplished, but I feel re-energeized now that I have something to work towards. A goal makes all the difference.

I finally feel like I am getting out of my holding pattern rut and will start pushing myself again. Granted, I’m exhausted from working so much and the holidays are a super busy time for me, but my body needs this to stay sane in the chaos. It’s the perfect time to start working towards something again. Come January, I will start training for the half marathon again, but I’m glad I have something to keep me occupied over the next couple of weeks.

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