A Day of Thanks

26 Nov

So I was supposed to post this on Thanksgiving, but the hoopla of the holiday got in the way. I wanted to share what I was thankful for this year. Thanksgiving is an amazing day, not just for the food and time with family, but really because it makes you consciously stop and think about all the wonderful blessings life has given you.

I started off my Thanksgiving with a 5K run. I couldn’t participate in an official Turkey Trot due to time constraints, so I went and did one on my own. I was very thankful I could run. I really enjoyed myself as the trail was completely empty, and the weather was really nice. It gave me 40 minutes to myself to think about the blessings that were bestowed on me this year.

I am thankful for the continued health and safety of my family and friends this past year. Now that my parents are getting old, I am getting fearful of the illnesses and injuries that could come. But, this year, they were in fantastic health and I am grateful. I’m thankful for my own health. I took on the marathon and was terrified that I was going to get injured for pushing myself so hard, but I didn’t.

In these tough economic times, I am grateful for my job. Things have been crazy hectic, but I am so happy to have my job and actually get to do what I love. I work for a great company that lets me work out on company time, and I have a lot of friends at work.

I am thankful for the animals in my life. I love my rather disagreeable and very neurotic black cat Macbeth (Mac) to pieces. He brings me joy every single day. I also love my “adopted” pets, aka my parents’ pets. Animals are an amazing blessing in life. They love unconditionally and always know when you need cheering up and snuggling.

I am thankful for my passport full of stamps. My parents instilled a love of travel in me by taking me on a plane at just 2 months old and getting my first passport to go to Rome at age 2. I’ve gotten to see so many breathtaking things on this incredible planet. This past summer I went to Israel for the first time and it definitely changed my life. I am thankful I have freelance work that allows me to go on these amazing vacations, and I’m thankful I’ve always been kept safe.

I’m thankful for my house, my car, food on my table, clothes in my closet, and money in my bank account. But, one of the things I am most thankful for this year is the marathon. The marathon changed my life. It absolutely made me a stronger, much more confident person. Before the marathon I would have never asked my boss for a raise or promotion. I was just too intimidated by it. After the marathon, I had no problem negotiating a raise at work. Before the marathon, I would doubt myself and my abilities when a new challenge came up. Now, I see everything as something I can accomplish no matter how much work it takes.

Those 26.2 miles were the best thing that happened to me this year. Whether I ever do one again or not, they will always be a part of me and something I will be eternally grateful for. I am a changed person having gone through that experience and it was definitely the stuffing on the turkey this Thanksgiving.

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