Returning From Hiatus

11 May

Hello fellow readers,

My deepest apologies for being on such a long hiatus. I’ve been incredibly busy with work and life in general. I’ve been running and working out, though nothing out of the ordinary. I do have a half marathon race next weekend, which is part of the reason I’m returning from hiatus. I will definitely keep you updated on the race results.

I’m definitely going to be winging it. I was severely ill for about 3 weeks and nearly hospitalized with pneumonia, but finally beat that. That threw off my training quite a bit lately. Also, the Pink Ninja has been busy falling in love, but alas he is being deployed next week, so we’ve been spending as much time together as possible. That has also thrown off my training. But, the course is flat, and I have a strong enough base, I think I shall make it. 

My man is going to be deployed for about 8 months and his job is rather undercover so communication is going to be extremely spotty. I was trying to think of a way to get through it the best I can, and I’ve decided to pursue another full marathon. He’s gone for 8 months, I can train for 8 months. I figure there’s nothing worse than the physical pain of marathon training, so it’ll help keep my mind off of the emotional pain. Good decision? We’ll see!

I plan to start training June 1. I need to find a race though. I’m trying to find one at sea level, in a comfortable climate (i.e. not too hot, not too cold), flat course and in January or February 2013. Anyone with any suggestions, please feel free to throw them out there. I really want to do the Walt Disney World Marathon, but it’s going to be very expensive to get there, stay there and all that, so not sure. It’d be pretty cool though. 

So, thanks for keeping up with me and I promise to post more regularly now. 


The Skinny Pink Ninja


One Response to “Returning From Hiatus”

  1. sarathlete May 11, 2012 at 5:42 AM #

    We are doing Disney marathon in Jan 2013!!!!! Run with us!

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