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I AM a Runner

4 Feb

I just read a quote in the latest issue of Runner’s World from airline pilot and “Miracle on the Hudson” hero Captain “Sully” Sullenberger. He said “I’m not a good runner, but I’m better than someone who doesn’t run at all.”

I always feel embarrassed in a way when I tell other people that I’m a runner. I think, I’m not a real runner. I’m painfully slow and I mix running with walking. When I do run, my form isn’t lovely and I don’t look like a graceful cheetah, but rather an awkward giraffe.

After reading Sully’s quote, I realized he’s right. Maybe I’m not good, but I am better than someone who does not run at all. I’ve completed three half marathons and one full marathon. Not including the training, that alone is 65.5 miles that my little feet have covered. When you include the training, I’ve done over 500 miles. So, yes, I AM a runner. Good or bad, anyone who puts one foot in front of the other at a pace above walking is a runner.

Until I’ve gotten back in the gym these past three weeks, I hadn’t realized how much I missed running and working out. More importantly, I didn’t realize how much I felt how good it makes me feel. When I’m pounding away the miles on the treadmill or dying a slow death in the plank position, I’m really happy and finally feeling like me again. I feel like a real runner and I feel strong like I can conquer anything.

So right now, I’m going through a really tough time. I miss my boyfriend and am horribly worried about him. Work and home life have also been extremely stressful. But what I can count on is that I am coming back to me, slowly but surely. And I can say, no a matter what, I am a runner.



Confession Friday: Most Embarrassing Workout Song

20 May

It’s Friday, the best day of the week. Time to have some fun and get ready for a great weekend. I was talking with a coworker about running/workout music and we both shared that we each had some super embarrassing stuff on our iPods that really got us moving. So I say we embrace the embarrassment and share the most “horrifying” songs on our iPods used for running or working out.

My List
• Theme from Rocky (I haven’t even seen the movie, but the Gonna Fly Now song gets me rocking every time!)
• Stronger by Britney Spears (this one is so bad, it doesn’t even need a comment)
• Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Lepard (Yeah, seriously)

Okay, ‘fess up and share! 🙂 Happy Friday and a great weekend to everyone!

Where Is Motivation When I Need It?

6 Nov

It’s a quarter to seven on Saturday morning. When I went to bed last night, I decided I was going to the Y for a workout this morning. I was unable to hit the gym yesterday, as I am in the process of buying a house so I was busy. Meanwhile, 2 pieces of peanut butter toast and 20 emails later, I am still at home in my pajamas completely unmotivated to go to the gym.

I know I feel better when I go. Actually, that’s an understatement. I feel great when I go. I’m working on breaking my time for my next 5K in December, so I truly need to go. And I am super, super stressed out now that I am about to making an offer on a house in just a few hours. But, I am a tired panda, and I feel like being lazy!

We all get days like this, and it’s okay. No one is perfect and recovery can be just as important as a brutal workout. If you cheat and take an extra day once in a while, it’s no big deal. It’s when it becomes a regular habit that you get into trouble.

I honestly think I will go in a little while. I will feel better, and it will help burn off some of this energy and tension  I’m feeling over the home buying process. But I’ve had a very long, very busy week at work, so if I end up being a bit lazy on this Saturday morning, I’m not going to feel (too) guilty about it. 🙂

Tomorrow I will be going for a run in honor of the NYC Marathon. After all, if they can run 26.2, I can get 3 – 5 miles in tomorrow. 🙂

But yeah, if anyone out there can send me some motivation, that would be great!

Climb Every Mountain

31 Oct

So today I was not in the mood to work out. I was tired from my race yesterday, and I’ve overall been feeling under the weather all week. But I figured since it’s Halloween, and I’m eating more garbage than normal today I should go.

I was planning to lift weights and run, but I forgot my asthma inhaler, so I couldn’t run. Instead I did two sets of weights on chest press, chest fly, lat pull and shoulder press, and then I climbed 100 stories in 27 minutes on the Stair Master. I hadn’t done the Stair Master in probably 6 months or so, and it felt really good. It was fun to change up my routine and take a day off from running.

Plus during my workout, I had a chance to read the latest issue of Travel & Leisure Magazine which informed me that Egypt is the new Italy. No idea what this really means, but I’m heading to Egypt next June so I’m stoked. I also found out that Andrew Lloyd Webber penned a musical sequel to my favorite play of all time, Phantom of the Opera. So if I had been running today, I would never have read the magazine. 🙂

I definitely feel great I worked out. Now I can chow down on my homemade spaghetti sauce this evening and have an extra slice of garlic bread. 🙂

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! I will be glad when it’s over due to my extreme addiction to candy corn. 🙂

Ah, True Motivation

27 Oct

I work for a super awesome company that lets you work out 3 times a week on company time, using the company gym and trainers (I work for an athletic association). Normally I really look forward to my workouts. I feel great afterwards, it’s fabulous to get away from sitting all day and I love the people in my gym at work.

I’ve been battling a cold since last weekend. Finding workout motivation this week has been really hard. Granted, you’re not supposed to work out when you’re sick, but I need to keep a foot in the door as my 5K is this coming Saturday. I’m just trying to do light cross training (i.e. the exercise bike) and strength training so I’m not whipped on Saturday.

I had NO motivation today. My eyes were burning, I was exhausted, my nose was dripping, it was not a good day. Alas, the final the push that made me go today: I wore really uncomfortable (but super cute) high heels to work today. I knew that if I went and worked out, I could wear my sneakers the last hour of the day instead of my heels. Down to the gym I went. 🙂

The moral of the story? No matter how fit you are and how much you love working out, we all have off days and sometimes we really, really need to dig deep for a reason to hit the gym.

I can say though that I am really glad I went, because honestly, have you ever heard someone say “I wish I hadn’t gone to the gym.” I didn’t think so.