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Cooking Corner: Easy Casserole Recipe

1 Mar

I attempted a recipe I found on food.com this week that was via Weight Watchers. I jazzed it up a bit as the recipe seemed bland at first glance. Overall it was pretty good and only 153 calories per half cup serving.

Weight Watchers Chicken Cheese Casserole
Follow recipe but add garlic, onion powder and black pepper. Also sautée mushrooms and onions to mix in. If you like spicy, add some crushed red pepper flakes.

A decent low calorie meal that makes good leftovers. It’s easy for a week night meal too when you don’t have a lot of time.


Healthy Recipe: Crispy Ranch Chicken

14 Feb

I love fried chicken. Seriously, one of the best foods ever. But, it’s definitely not the best thing for you and it’s a pain in the butt to make. I’ve always been skeptical of baked chicken recipes that promise fried chicken crunch. I’ve tried a few, and they always ended up mushy and definitely crunch-less.

However, I found a recipe on SparkRecipes.com yesterday that definitely has crunch! It uses Rice Krispies for the coating and you bake it on a cookie sheet. It’s an extremely simple recipe that is delicious, has a serious crunch factor and is only 245 calories a serving. I served it with a little bit of pasta and some corn for a tasty and easy dinner.

Spark Recipes: Crispy Ranch Chicken

3 Squares a Day? Not So Much.

23 Nov

USA Today: Eat What I Want When I Want Trend

I read a very disturbing article in USA Today (linked above) the other day about America’s eating habits. It was only a few weeks ago that I read that if we keep going at our current rate, nearly 50% of America will be obese by 2030. I was having a hard time believing it. Then I read about our snacking culture in USA Today and completely understand why that will be true.

When I started to lose weight, one of the hardest habits I had to break was snacking. I kept munchies in my desk and nibbled all day. It took a few months, but I finally weaned myself off of snacking and got on a healthy track of eating 3 meals a day and an occasional snack if I were super hungry.

The article I read was entirely about how America doesn’t eat 3 meals a day anymore. We snack all day and eat weird food at weird times. The meals that are eaten really aren’t meals, but snacks like popcorn chicken or Special K bars. At McDonald’s, 20% of the cookies and apple pies are sold at breakfast because people use them to snack on. It’s considered completely normal now to skip meals and just eat random (mostly fast food) snacks and junk food all day.

According to the article, only 5% of all consumers eat three square meals a day. I was flabbergasted at this statistic. Do people really eat granola bars, yogurt cups, cookies, and popcorn chicken all day? Apparently so. All marketers for the major fast food corporations are now pushing towards new quick snack products that can be eaten in cars. McDonald’s is going to release McBites next year which is their version of popcorn chicken. IHOP is selling a Cup O’ Pancakes which is pancake batter baked in a paper cup and drizzled with toppings.

As I read this article, I became more and more horrified. This is what we’re eating? Portable food molded into cups for our cars that is so unbelievably processed you wonder what chemistry experiment you’re truly eating. Yes, I now have no problem believing that half of America will be obese by 2030. Even when I was overweight and I snacked, I still ate two normal meals a day. I tended to skip breakfast or make a Diet Pepsi and the occasional gas station donut breakfast, but I ate a normal lunch and normal dinner.

If they are going to market these snacks, the least they could do is find healthier options than pancakes in a cup or fried chicken. America is in deep trouble and this article made me realize it’s only going to get worse. There are a ton of simple, easy recipes out there that use fresh ingredients and make for great leftovers. Start using your stove top instead of your cup holder. Make your snacks pieces of fruit and nuts to give you energy throughout the day. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, but don’t forget lunch and dinner.

Healthy Recipe: Cornbread Hamburger Pie

15 Nov

I apologize for not posting much lately, but I’ve been working 10 hours a day at work plus freelancing at home. It has been crazy. I can barely keep my eyes open by the time I get home. So I warn you in advance that my posts over the next few days are going to be short and sweet!

Spark Recipes: Cornbread Hamburger Pie

I made this recipe last night and it was pretty decent. Definitely not the best thing ever, but it was good, fast and simple so it’s worth mentioning. I left out the salsa as my tummy can’t take spicy food, but I put in diced tomatoes, fresh green peppers and frozen corn. Adding the veggies really enhanced the flavors and made it healthier. I also added garlic powder and onion powder. It makes 6 servings, and is only 359 calories per serving. It’s a good comfort food when it’s cold outside and warms up well for leftovers.

Ninja Niblets: October 31, 2011

31 Oct

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday. Don’t OD on the candy, but definitely indulge a little bit and enjoy this fun time of year. 🙂

Just a few niblets to get you started this week.

FitSugar: Weight Loss Fact or Fiction

There are so many facts floating around out there about weight loss, it’s hard to discern what is a myth and what is a fact. What diets work, what doesn’t, what type of exercise is best, the list goes on. Read this quick post from Fitsugar.com and help get some answers.

Shape Magazine: Halloween Candy That’s Double the Trouble

Tonight is the night to indulge in your sugar cravings a bit, but it’s good to have some knowledge of what you’re consuming before you go on a serious candy binge you may regret later. Some candy really is better than others. Shape Magazine offers a quick quiz on which candy is better for you.

Self Magazine: Healthy Candy Choices

Believe it or not, some candy is actually healthy for you, in small doses. Dark chocolate is great for your heart, popcorn is full of fiber and chewing gum keeps you alert and gives you an energy boost. Check out Self Magazine’s sweet healthy options.

Self Magazine: Halloween Pets

And finally, it’s Halloween, so let’s have some fun. What can be cuter than an adorable dog in a great costume! Enjoy this fun photo slideshow from Self Magazine. Have a great Halloween!



Half of America Obese by 2030?

18 Oct

ABC News: Half of America Obese By 2030?

I read the above article tonight on ABC News and was shocked to find that if we keep going at our current rate, 50% of America will be obese by the year 2030. That’s not just overweight or carrying around some extra pounds, that is obese. According to the article, this will end up costing Americans $66 billion a year in health costs.

I don’t know why, but this shocks me. I cannot believe that our obesity rate is this bad. I don’t know why I can’t believe it given our society. Everywhere I look food is processed, frozen or bought from a take-out chain. A large majority of people I know or am acquainted with don’t exercise regularly. I guess it isn’t that shocking when I really start to look around me and our country, but still, to comprehend that one out of every 2 people will be obese by 2030 is crazy. My family of 3 are all slender. My dad and I work out regularly and watch what we eat. My mother is just one of those lucky folks with sky high metabolism. Yet, according to the statistic, one of my family could be obese in 20 years.

This country needs drastic, severe help to stop this. We’re already in deep economical trouble and our healthcare system is a mess, if we had another $66 billion in healthcare costs every year, we’ll really be in trouble. We’re one of the wealthiest nations in the world and yet our health seems to be among the poorest, even including some third world countries.

Michelle Obama has initiated programs to improve school lunches and her “Let’s Move” exercise campaign, but we need a massive overhaul to fix this situation. Left and right, more and more fast food restaurants are opening up in my town, despite the economy. Yet, in reality, junk food is actually fairly expensive. It’s just faster than cooking your own food. But if people could realize that they could save money by not eating out so much, then maybe they’d be willing to sacrifice some extra time. A thirty minute walk 3 times a week makes a huge difference for a person’s health, yet millions of people claim they have no time to do it. In a week of 168 hours, you really can’t spare 1.5 hours to improve your health?

America has been a leader in so many things around the world both now and in history. We need to be a leader again, in good health, not in obesity. Change your future and start making small changes today. Lao Tzu said, “the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.” Pack a bag of carrot sticks and head out on a 30 minute walk. Repeat three times a week. That’s making a small change that will deliver a big impact.

Ready for an Overweight President?

30 Sep

Will America Vote for An Overweight President?

Yesterday I saw an article on ABC News about New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s possible run for president in 2012. The article was wondering if America would vote for an overweight man to become president and based on the article’s preliminary information, it sounded like no. Although I was appalled, I guess I can say that I really wasn’t that shocked. Or was I?

The world of politics has gotten more and more corrupt over the years and in the world of 24 hour news, nothing is a secret. Sex scandals, prejudice, faux-pas are all the norm now in politics. Yet those things are overlooked and accepted. Sure Clinton got into some trouble with the ladies and was impeached, but face it, he was an extremely popular president and considered very, very successful. Bush faced controversy by getting us into the Iraq war and the mess that led to, yet he was reelected.

To me, those seem like pretty big issues, but yet the thing America will hold against a potential candidate is their weight. Is it right that someone who could potentially be a fantastic leader of this nation (I know nothing about him or his political views so please take this theoretically) be held back from the position just because he weighs a lot? Are we really that shallow?

The article argues that Americans want a healthy president in office due to the fact it is such a high stress job and being in good health is key to handle it. Yet, one in three Americans is obese and the rate is expected to climb over the years. So isn’t that a little the pot calling the kettle black?

Entertainer Kelly Osbourne said she received far more flack in the press for her weight than she ever did for her numerous trips to rehab to battle drug and alcohol addiction. The first things tabloids point out once a star has had a baby is how fast they are back to their regular body and have lost the baby weight.

For a country with an obesity epidemic as high as ours, we sure are hypocritical to our leaders, entertainers and other public figures in expect rail thin, health freaks when we as a nation can’t seem to accomplish it.

I personally think that when choosing a president, I care more about his views on different global and national issues and whether or not he can help our country over his weight. I do agree that the president should be healthy, but I think all people should strive to be healthy. And I’m certainly not going to base my vote on a candidate’s weight.