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Sunday Inspirations

22 Jan

I was planning to do a long run today, but we’re having 60 – 90mph wind gusts, and while I will run in extreme cold, I won’t run in the wind. It is horribly unpleasant and wreaks havoc on my allergies. This past week, I’ve found some great inspirations online that I’m posting in my cube to keep me motivated to run as well as a few videos. I wanted to share them with you so that those of you who aren’t having inclement weather can get a good run in today!

Nike: Believe in the Run

Nike: Courage / What Was Your Soul?

Nike: I Can Do This




What’s in a Number

30 Aug

When I first started losing weight, I didn’t even set a goal number or size. I just wanted to see if I could stick with a diet and exercise plan. The more I got into it and stuck with it, I set a goal weight of: 145 lbs. I thought this was somewhere around a size 8 – 10. I was extremely surprised to discover that it put me into a size 6.

I was ecstatic. I was one of those “skinny girls” now who could wear a tiny size 6. I couldn’t believe it. Every store I went into had my size and it fit! This was such a new and novel concept to me. Two years later, I still get a thrill that I can go to my favorite stores and wear anything I want.

This past Saturday I went shopping with my mom for my birthday. I love getting clothes for my birthday, but I have to pick them out and try them on. So we typically make a day of it rather than exchanging money or gift cards. Much more fun! I went to The Limited, which is my favorite store and took a haul to the dressing room.

Everything was going great until I got to the pants. They were tight! The size 6 skirts and dresses I tried on were fine, but the pants were a mess. They fit, but if I even ate a big lunch, they’d be uncomfortable. My legs were the worst part. They were hugging every inch of them with no room to breathe. I was shocked. Then I got really upset. The scale has stayed steady. I lost the 5 lbs that I gained on my vacation, and I’ve been at my goal weight ever since. How could I have gone up a size without gaining weight?

Then I looked at my legs. They’ve gotten huge. Huge in a good way. Huge from miles and miles and miles of running and doing 50 lb squats and 24″ box jumps. My legs are full of strong muscles that I will need to carry me across the finish line of my marathon. My new size 8 legs were dying in my normal sized pants.

I was mopey about the size change for the day, but after coming home and verifying again that the scale had stayed the same, I was actually kind of proud of my legs. I now have one of those athletic bodies that I hear about all the time that are hard to find clothes for. Now I understand. I wear my normal size in tops, skirts and dresses, but pants are getting difficult. I get what the athletes go through when they go shopping.

So it’s like the Nike Women’s Ads said, “I have thunder thighs. And that’s a compliment because they are strong and toned and muscular and though they are unwelcome in the petite section they are cheered on in marathons.”