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Cooking Corner: Easy Casserole Recipe

1 Mar

I attempted a recipe I found on food.com this week that was via Weight Watchers. I jazzed it up a bit as the recipe seemed bland at first glance. Overall it was pretty good and only 153 calories per half cup serving.

Weight Watchers Chicken Cheese Casserole
Follow recipe but add garlic, onion powder and black pepper. Also sautée mushrooms and onions to mix in. If you like spicy, add some crushed red pepper flakes.

A decent low calorie meal that makes good leftovers. It’s easy for a week night meal too when you don’t have a lot of time.


Weight Watchers a Success

8 Sep

ABC News: Weight Watchers Most Effective Diet

A recent study has shown that the popular diet Weight Watchers is the most effective weight loss plan. Over 700 obese adults in Australia, the UK and Germany were studied and given different diet plans. Those who did watchers as opposed to checking in with a regular nutritionist or doctor as well as other plans were the most successful.

Weight Watchers participants lost on average about 11 pounds while those on other plans lost only 5 pounds. The diet is basically calorie counting and portion control, but uses an easier, faster system with points. No food is off-limits in Weight Watchers and it is basically a lifestyle change as opposed to a weird, fad diet.

I can see how it would be the most successful. Not only is the food plan the most realistic, but the weekly group support can really do wonders for people in terms of sticking with it. It helps to have other people in your situation and share your highs and lows of the week.

I basically did Weight Watchers when I started losing weight, though I just counted calories and kept a food journal. No foods were off-limits as long as they fit within my daily allotment of calories. This is honestly the simplest method to losing weight and it is the most successful because people CAN stick to it. It is a lifestyle change of cutting portions and exercising. That can be done over a lifetime. Never eating carbs again or drinking liquid syrup with lemon juice cannot be maintained!

The only downside to Weight Watchers is that it’s somewhat expensive. Plans can cost as much as $40 a month, which is a lot of money depending on your income level. However, think of all the money you’ll save in medications and doctor visits if you can get your weight and health under control. You only get one life and it’s worth investing in. Try Weight Watchers or just try keeping an online food journal like I did. Small steps make the biggest change.

7 Popular Diets Ranked

10 May

7 Popular Diets Ranked by Consumer Reports

Popular diet company Jenny Craig is the number one favorite according to Consumer Reports. It was rated the highest by the magazine in terms of their program as well as popularity among consumers. Slim Fast was second and Weight Watchers was third.

I can understand why Jenny Craig would be the top program in that you don’t really have to think while you’re on the diet. It’s very simple, convenient since all the food is delivered to you and portioned appropriately. All you have to do is stick with the meal plan and add some exercise. Weight Watchers requires counting points and measuring your food, which is harder to do especially if you’re busy with a job and family.

However, I think Weight Watchers prepares you for long term success. You can’t go the remainder of your life eating instant dinners from Jenny Craig. WW teaches you how to measure food, what a correct portion is and how to keep track of it. I did the same thing with my weight loss, I just counted calories instead of points.

Both diets seemed balanced in that you’re not depriving yourself of a major food group like you do with Atkins. I just think the instant food of Jenny Craig is gross and can’t go for the long term both based on taste and cost. WW devotees seem to be able to make a longer commitment because it’s more parallel to their lifestyle.

The most important thing, regardless of the article, is to pick something that is balanced and works f

Weight Watchers Overhauls System

5 Dec

I read an interesting article on ABC News’ website today about Weight Watchers overhauling their highly successful program. Basically WW is calorie counting, but they break it down into a points system, which some consider easier.

The new program is trying to show the value of healthy foods that contain the same points as unhealthy foods. For example, eating an apple worth 100 calories is better than eating a bag of chips worth 100 calories.

I think it’s great they’re doing this and lowering things like veggies to zero points. I love potato chips. Seriously love ’em. But I can ALMOST satisfy that craving the majority of the time by eating sugar snap peas instead. I know, I know, I sound nuts. Chips and peas are so not the same thing. But honestly, it works the MAJORITY of the time. There are times when it doesn’t, and I just eat the chips. However, for those other times, sugar snap peas contain the same crunch as chips and are very addictive to eat. They are now a zero point food in the new WW plan and it’s much better calories and vitamins for you than chips.

It sounds hard to believe, but once you start eating healthier, you eventually will crave those foods. Junk food doesn’t sound as good anymore or at least not as good as often as you previously ate it. I used to eat French fries every day. Now maybe once a week or so they sound delicious. Anymore often than that, and I feel icky and start to crave salads. Same with chips, ice cream, pizza, etc.

Check out the story and share your thoughts:  http://abcnews.go.com/Health/weight-watchers-overhauls-points-system/story?id=12317979&page=1